5 Sustainable Fashion Brands of India

5 Sustainable Fashion Brands of India

Sustainable fashion is a huge millennial trend. From celebrities to influencers everyone is trying to promote sustainable fashion and consequently, influence people to be environmentally conscious by buying clothes that don’t harm the environment.  Fast fashion, which focuses on speed and low costs, is particularly bad for the environment and few of the Indian designers are working to bring about much needed change to the fashion industry. Here’s our list of top 5 sustainable fashion brands from India.

1. Doodlage


Doodlage makes use of left-over and discarded fabrics from large manufacturers instead of letting them end up in a landfill somewhere. They also use eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, corn and banana fabric for their products. The brand constantly collaborates with other like-minded organisations for special projects, including one with an NGO called Goonj. They share excess fabrics from previous collections and the NGO creates reusable sanitary napkins out of them for women in rural areas. 

2. 11.11


Spearheaded by the entrepreneurs Shani Himanshu, Milan and Mia Morikawa, 11.11/eleven.eleven has consolidated its roots in the luxury space, while emphasizing on creating links between farmers, weavers, vegetable dyeing and block printing traditions. The brand is making a dedicated attempts at promoting khadi  and making products that are completely handmade and dyed naturally using colours extracted from barks, petals and leaves. 

3. Ka-Sha


Ka-Sha focuses on clothing as a medium for storytelling to celebrate multi-layered cultures and ever-changing social conversations. The Pune-based brand has been working towards a holistic integration of sustainability right from the materials, designing, and production to distribution. The brand’s Heart to Haat project ensures that they’re always coming up with innovative ideas for waste management.

4. Chakori Ethnic


Chakori Ethnic is working to bring to market the different designs and craft traditions of rural India. Chakori Ethnic’s apparel comes in different traditional prints like Kalamkari, Shibori, Hand block, Dabu, Indigo and Phentiya prints. This brand works with rural artisans and craftsmen in their endeavour to create sustainably fashionable garments.

5. Upasana


Upasana aims to create conscious sustainable fashion that takes care of environmental cost and has a platform called Upasana – The Conscious Fashion Hub where designers, environmentalists, social workers, farmers and students all come together to discuss and find solutions to present day social issues. Upasana looks at social issues and works these real issues as projects like Tsunamika – a tsunami related project providing livelihood to fisherwomen.

Do you know of an Indian fashion label that promotes sustainability we should include on our list? Let us know in the comments below.